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Monday, March 4, 2013

Review and Photos--Hit Polish 'Retro Chic'

When I am browsing looking at indie polishes, Hit Polish always catches my attention. After 'window shopping' for some time, I finally bought several of the polishes I had been drooling over, which I wrote about in my post Hit Polish Haul. One of those was a mini bottle of 'Retro Chic'.

Hit Polish describes the glitter in 'Retro Chic' as "fine pink, fine silver, fine cayman blue, matte aqua hex, small rose hex, medium rose hex, small aqua matte hex, small gunmetal hex and a touch of fine black and small black hex". The base is clear.

In these photos, I'm wearing two coats of 'Retro Chic' over yesterday's Color Club 'Status Update'. I liked the combination, although the fine black glitter gets a little lost because 'Status Update' is dark. The glitter didn't give any trouble, but I still topped it with two coats of Gelous for ultimate smoothness, and one coat of Orly Sec 'n' Dry top coat.

The clear base is somewhat thick, to keep the tons of glitter suspended, so Rachel mentions on their site that you can use nail polish thinner to change the consistency if you like. I found that the consistency made it easy to control, so I did not thin it at all. 

Again, I was at work when the sun was out, so I did not get photos of this mani in sunlight. Let me tell you, though, the sparkle in the sun is stunning!

Hit Polish, made by the husband and wife team Don and Rachel of D&R Apothecary, has awesome glitter toppers. Their tinted base polishes look great, too (especially Tea-Stained Linen; I want!), but I haven't tried them yet. Their full size polishes are typically $8.00, and the mini bottles (7ml) are typically $4.00, but they often have sales. You can purchase Hit Polish from their Etsy shop:

Thanks for reading! Do you have any favorite glitter toppers?

*I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above and received no compensation from them.*


  1. Wow, what a unique glitter! I've never bought an indy polish before, but I'm thinking I need to check them out. I can imagine how beautiful this would look in the sunlight!

    1. Yes, there are some awesome indie polishes out there. (Check out my post about Neener Neener Nails!) is great when you are buying only from one maker. When you want to buy multiple brands, perhaps from different countries, you might want to shop online at stores like Llarowe, Ninja Polish, Overall Beauty, MeiMei's Signatures, or Shoppe Eclecticco. That way you save on shipping costs. You can also check out blog sales from established nail bloggers.


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