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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review and Swatches--Color Club Status Update

'Status Update' is from the Birchbox and Color Club Custom Collection. The shade names in this collection are based on social media.

Birchbox sent out mini bottles of polish from this collection in their sample boxes last year. I received 'Put a Pin In It' (metallic rose gold foil) in my Birchbox, and I traded with other members on for the other two shades that I wanted, 'Status Update' and 'Insta-This' (bright blue creme).

'Status Update' is a dark grey creme with a glossy finish. Application was excellent for me, smooth and even. The opacity was good for me, but I also have shorter nails right now, so you might want a third coat if you have long nails.

I wore it with two coats over base coat, and one coat of Orly Sec 'n' Dry top coat.

I did get one chip in this manicure the next day, but other than that I was very happy with this polish. 

All of my photos of Color Club 'Status Update' are indoors under artificial light. Sunlight was not available to me this time around. Or, rather, I was not available for the sunlight, as I was at work when the sun was out. 

The full size bottles are available on the Birchbox online shop for $8.00: You do not have to be a Birchbox subscriber to purchase from their shop, as far as I know.

Thanks for reading!

*I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above and received no compensation from them.*


  1. Nice! Is it just me or does the colour look a bit darker/lighter from different angles?

    1. Thanks! You are right, the appearance changes with the angle. I found that sometimes it even looked black, and sometimes it looked blue.


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