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Monday, March 25, 2013

Swatches & Review--Revlon Cotton Candy

Let me start by saying that this polish--Revlon Cotton Candy--was frustrating to try to photograph. Most of the time, it just looked like the skin around the polish was stained by strawberries. The first photo below is the truest to what the polish looked like in person, in my opinion. All photos in this post were taken indoors under artificial light.
*I received this polish in a swap, and I am not affiliated with or compensated by any brands or companies mentioned in this post.*

Revlon Cotton Candy is a very pale pink with a nice shimmer. The shimmer looks kind of champagne to me in some lights, and silver in others.

As you can see in the photo below, the first coat of Revlon Cotton Candy was horrible, streaky and uneven. I was using a very thin coat except on the pinkie, which you can see turned out much better. So medium coats may work best with this polish.

Two coats looked far better than one, as shown below. Again, the pinkie was the best, illustrating the need for medium coats rather than thin ones in this case. 

The coverage was not enough at two coats, but I believe everything would have evened out nicely with three coats and top coat. I knew from the beginning that I was going to put another polish on top of Cotton Candy, so I did not follow up with a third coat or top coat.

The formula was somewhat thin and watery, but surprisingly it was easy to control. I had no issues with the polish trying to flood my cuticles.

This is a scented polish. Being as it's Cotton Candy, it simply smells sugary sweet. I did not notice the scent unless my hands were near my face.

If I had to summarize my review of Revlon Cotton Candy, I would say: Bad formula, great color. I wouldn't want to pay full price for it, but I adore the color, so it is totally worth keeping since I got it through a swap. It also makes a good base for sheer, creamy indie glitter polishes.

Revlon nail polish is available at most major retailers. Cotton Candy, in particular, is being offered by for only $2.99 here.

*I received this polish in a swap, and I am not affiliated with or compensated by Revlon.*


  1. This is such a pretty pink!! Too bad the formula isn't easier to work with.

    1. Agreed! Maybe it will go better with medium coats next time.

      Thanks for visiting; I love your blog!


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