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Disclaimers & Disclosures

Number One: I am not an expert or a professional by any means. With this in mind, I am only expressing my opinions on this blog, not professional advice. I cannot guarantee the effectiveness or safety of the products that I discuss.

Number Two: Most of the products that I discuss on my blog were purchased with my own money and my opinions are my own, not influenced by compensation. A third party creates affiliate links when I post links of where to buy products; I receive commission (varying rates typically between 1% and 10%) if you purchase them through one of the links that I have listed. This is paid to me by the seller and is not adding to your cost of purchasing the product. I will sometimes receive the equivalent of a store credit if someone were to purchase from Birchbox or Hautelook or ideeli after clicking on my referral link. If and when I receive any products free of charge, I will disclose them as such.

Number Three: If you wish to use any content from my blog, including but not limited to photos or text, you must ask for and receive permission from me first and then attribute it to my blog wherever you may post it. You may contact me at

Number Four: I reserve the right to delete or not publish any comments that I deem as inappropriate for my blog, typically in regard to self-promotion, spam, or foul language.

Number Five: I am not responsible for any content that you may access by clicking on a link that I have listed. You must maintain your own Internet safety precautions such as common sense, discretion, and perhaps firewalls or similar.

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