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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nail Fail--Smoosh!

Or, the day one bit of vanity devoured another...

Sometimes a look at another person's foibles can make us laugh or sympathize (or both) and can make a bad day better because you are not alone. That is why I'm sharing this Fail with you, just in case anyone needs it.

I was getting dressed up to go out for the evening, and my dress included the fabric shown below. The colors are somewhat reminiscent of peacock plumage. I was already wearing Essence Colour & Go nail polish in the shade 'Date in the Moonlight', a dark blue with an almost hidden royal blue shimmer. 

That day, I had just received in the mail from a blog sale Essence Nail Art Special Effects Glitter topper in 'Mrs. and Mr. Glitter'--perfect! Blue, green and black medium hex glitter, flashy fun. Then I added two coats of Gelous to make it glossy and glassy. I was happy, staring at my hands, rather proud of the manicure. I put a quick-dry top coat on and the polish was rapidly dry to the touch. 

The fatal mistake was trying to flatten my stomach--vanity. I started to put on a...Spanx-like apparatus...very carefully so as to not dent my nail polish. Dry to the touch is apparently a lot different than dry to the smoosh. One wrong snap of the elastic and the glossy, glassy glitter goodness died a slow, painful death.

Every layer of nail polish crinkled up toward my cuticles, even my base color from the day before. Above is my right hand, which fared better than my left, below.

Quick-dry top coat can't make you smarter. :)

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