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Friday, January 4, 2013

Hit Polish Haul

Hit Polish, an independent polish maker, was having a sale on and I had recently received a bonus check. Yes, this was a polish purchase waiting to happen.

I bought mostly mini bottles, since the odds of me using up an entire full size of polish are pretty slim. I have too many to try for a normal person. However, these are primarily glitter toppers that I would wear over another color, so I would try two polishes at a time.

Fight Night
It's Electric
Pink Lemonade
Punked Up Kicks
Retro Chic
Mr. Bubbles
I really enjoy how there is a variety of both matte and sparkly glitters.

Hit Polish shipped my order very promptly. Everything arrived in a small box, very well packaged and cute. They included a magnet with their logo on it, and wrote a nice note on my invoice. You can purchase Hit Polish here: The mini bottles (5ml) are $3.25-$4.00, and the full size (I don't see a measurement, but probably about 15ml) bottles are $8.00.

I am sure that you will see these polishes in action on my nails in the future. Maybe "in use" would be a better phrase? "In action" sounds a little bit like there will be stunts going on...I don't think I have that amount of talent for nail art.


  1. These are gorgeous! I really like It's Electric.

    1. Thanks! It's Electric has been on my radar for a while. It has more purple than would show up in the photo.


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