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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review--Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Superfine Exfoliant

Ouch, and a positive wowza. Those are my two main thoughts regarding Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Superfine Exfoliant.

Deluxe sample tube
First, the ouch: The texture of this scrub is superfine, but only in the size of the granules that are doing the exfoliating, not the feel of the granules. When I tried the Superfine Exfoliant, it felt like I was rubbing sandpaper on my face, albeit a very fine grit. The ouchy feeling only lasted while I was actively massaging the product on my face; no residual discomfort when I stopped. I do not have very sensitive skin, so I would imagine that it might feel worse on sensitive skin.

Dispenses like a creme
Second, the wowza: I only needed to use a small amount of the exfoliant for my entire face, and after I was finished rinsing it off, my skin felt incredible! Soft and smooth like a baby's skin. I almost forgot about the ouch.

Superfine texture
This product doesn't seem to be for sale on the Meaningful Beauty website anymore. I did see the full size on for $49.95, here, and on ebay for about $28.00.

For me, I will use the rest of the tube, as I find the results worthwhile. Then I will try another one of my samples, or return to my tried and true Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.

What do you think? Are 30 seconds of pain worth baby-bottom-soft skin?

*I received this product in a trade with an acquaintance. I am not affiliated with the brand and received no samples or compensation from Meaningful Beauty.*

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