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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yoshi Eggs Manicure

I was in the mood for some cartoon-ish nail art, simple but fun. The end result reminds me of the eggs associated with Yoshi in the Super Mario Bros. world.


I used a Seche base coat. The dark green is a shade called Hoch, from Julep's Trina Turk 2012 Fall Collection. (Julep is a company that offers a monthly nail polish subscription service: I used my large dotting tool and White on the Spot by Milani for the dots. Next time, I would use a different white polish. White on the Spot is a quick-dry polish, so it tended to leave behind strings as I pulled away from making dots.
This is a cheerful manicure for me. I did like Hoch by itself, a gorgeous green creme, but I wanted something more fun today. Beware, though, that greens and blues are notorious for staining. Usually a good base coat prevents the staining from becoming a problem for me. 

I've been sick for a week and have had bare fingernails. BARE NAILS, NO POLISH! Oh, wait, that probably isn't worth all of those capital letters to most people. However, I am an obsessive compulsive person. As much as I love the look of nail polish, it also serves a practical purpose for me. When my nails are not painted, I have a terrible compulsion to pick at them. If I keep them painted, I let them grow out healthy and undisturbed. You will find that many current nail polish addicts used to be nailbiters, and nail polish helped them to break the habit or helps them to resist it. I don't have a nailbiting problem, but the principle is similar. feels great to have polished nails again!

Also, Hoch was a shade of nail polish that was in my large section of "Untrieds". If you are an addict of any kind of beauty product, it can be quite helpful to separate the products that you have not tried yet from the others. This way you get a nice visual reminder to help you to buy a little less of whatever your addiction feeds upon.


  1. Happy dots! Is your untried group bigger or smaller than your tried group?

    Cathy B

    1. My untried group is smaller, but only by about eight.


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