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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Purple Smoke FOTD

Makeup is fun for me. I may not be the most skilled, but nevertheless I like to play with it. It's a hobby, and I do it primarily for myself. So sometimes I put on makeup even when I'm not going anywhere and nobody will really see me, except me. The 'Purple Smoke' look was a result of one of those times.

The lighter purple eyeshadow is Satellite Dreams by MAC.

The darker part of the eyeshadow is Black Tied by MAC, a perfect shade for this purpose. I used an angled  eyeliner brush to smudge a little of the Black Tied under my lower lashes.

To blend at the top and to highlight under my brow, I used a single eyeshadow called Brulee by Wet n Wild. (I should repurchase that shade; I dropped mine and shattered it. It was fabulous for blending.)

I took a lot of photos that day because I was in love with my new mascara at the time, Benefit Bad Gal Lash. I am always trying new mascaras (again, because it's fun for me), but Benefit Bad Gal Lash is in my top 5 so far. Okay, so I haven't decided on all of my top 5 mascaras, but it's in there. Maybelline Falsies is also fabulous. Curl and length and thickness, oh, my!

I'm sorry, I didn't take note of the shade name, but the lipstick is CoverGirl Outlast (the kind you pretty much paint on and it stays there for most of the day). Above is before adding gloss, and below is after.

The funny expression on my face above was because I was laughing at some kitty's antics going on in the neighborhood that I saw in my mirror.

So many freckles...this was before I made sure that there was SPF on my face every day, typically in the form of a BB cream (kind of like foundation, but ten times better, in my opinion; especially the ones from Korea and Japan).

What do you think? Do you prefer a smokey eye to be charcoal/black/grey, or would you branch out? My favorite shades for this type of look are purple, forest-ish green, or navy blue.


  1. You look gorgeous! You have nice eyebrows too :)
    I like smokey eyes w/ color -
    black/grey is so boring to me.

    1. Aw, thanks! You're too sweet. The fullness and darkness of the eyebrows is a Maybelline powder, but the shape is mine. :)

      Yes, colorful smokey eyes are fun. I was just thinking today that a shade like MAC Cranberry might be an interesting version. I have read that NYX Rust is the same type of color.

  2. Christie Marie, thanks for the follow. I will check out your blog. In the future, those requests should go to my e-mail instead of the comments.


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