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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photos of Zoya Aurora

Zoya is my favorite brand of nail polish so far (there are many brands yet for me to try). They recently had a deal where you could buy 3 polishes from their website for 'free', and just pay $10.00 for shipping/handling. Since the polish usually retails for $8.00 each, it sounded like a sweet deal to me. I took advantage of the opportunity, of course, to get my latest most-wanted polish, Aurora.

Isn't she beautiful? Aurora is a red-leaning purple with gorgeous holographic sparkles. I used 3 coats for full opacity.

I couldn't completely capture the beauty, but as you can see by the amount of photos, I kept trying.

Bright sun and a little blurring helped to show off the holographic sparkle below, on my thumbnail.

 It appears darker and bluer in the shade, but the sparkle is still intense.

Ah, still lovely in artificial light, as shown above. The artificially lit photo shows the true color quite well, at least on my computer's monitor.

Aurora is from Zoya's Ornate Collection. Check it out here: My other favorites from this collection are Blaze and Logan.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite nail polish brand? I have heard that Deborah Lippmann and Butter London are fabulous, but I have yet to try them. You will read about it when I do; I own several, they are just Untrieds.


  1. I never realized how gorgeous Aurora is! I want.

    1. Yes, it's even better in person! You probably need it. :)

  2. Zoya has great colors but my favorite brand is Essie. They always have exactly the shade I am looking for.

    1. Yes, Essie is another great brand. My favorite Essie shades right now are Smooth Sailing and Eternal Optimist. Play Date will probably be a favorite, too, but I haven't worn it yet. Some of my Essie polishes apply perfectly, while some are gloppy or streaky.


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