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Friday, January 11, 2013

Haute Taupe Patina Manicure

My untried nail polishes are set up in vertical rows by brand, and then I choose from the horizontal rows my next polish. This helps me to get great variety of brands and colors and finishes. I do make an exception to the order of things when I layer polishes, as I did in my Haute Taupe Patina Manicure below. I pick the base color from my order of things, but choose the topper or complementary color by my mood.

My base color was Haute Taupe, by Finger Paints, apparently sold exclusively by Sally Beauty. I received this polish in a trade that I did on (I trade on there often with several lovely ladies who participate in various subscriptions of beauty samples.) My personal idea of taupe involves more grey than I see in this polish; this is a brownish purple version of taupe.

For my glitter topper, I chose Patina, by Hit Polish. This was one of my mini polish bottles that I was so excited about in my post Hit Polish Haul. As the shade name implies, the main glitter is copper colored. Then you have various sizes of greenish turquoise glitter for the other half of the patina feeling. Tiny darker brown glitter gives depth to the polish, in my opinion.

I blurred the photo above because the true colors of glitter in Patina were more apparent that way. The photo below is a better representation of the base color, Haute Taupe. Sadly, I did not have time for daytime photos on this mani, so I made do with what I had.

What do you think? Do you like to layer nail polishes? I used Poshe quick-dry top coat to smooth out the texture. Do you have a favorite top coat?

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