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Friday, April 5, 2013

Review and Swatches--Zoya Breezi

Zoya Breezi was the base color for my Autism Awareness Manicure the other day. I liked it so much that I wanted Breezi to have its own post. 
*I purchased this product with my own money and I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned in this post.*

I found Breezi to have multiple personalities. When I first looked at it in the bottle, I thought Breezi was a simple, medium blue. But as I wore it on my nails and took photos in different lighting, I started to see a slight teal twinge.

In all of these photos I am wearing three thin coats of Breezi topped with one coat of Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat. I used natural light, both indoors and out.

Application was easy; the first coat was slightly patchy, but evened out nicely by the second coat and everything seemed to self-level by the third.

Again, Zoya is my favorite nail polish brand so far (excluding indie brands). I looooove their formula and color selection.

It seemed like this polish dried a little bit faster than my Zoya polishes typically do. My top coat sped things up in the end, but the good dry time that I noticed was between coats.  

In my personal opinion, Zoya Breezi is a keeper. It will obviously flatter cooler skin tones, but I think that its almost hidden green personality will peek out and flatter warmer tones as well. 

If you've always wanted to try blue nail polish but were afraid of being too bold, I think a polish like this might be a good way to go. It is definitely blue, but it's not shocking like a cobalt blue or midnight blue and not potentially stark like a baby blue.

Zoya has some of the loveliest creme nail nail polishes. I enjoy all different sorts of finishes, but I have a special place in my heart for creme polishes. I think perhaps it's because I didn't have them most of the time I was growing up. At that time, the finishes seemed to be mostly brush-strokey-frost or tiny glitter. Maybe the cremes were out there and I just didn't see them. It was revolutionary to me as a teenager when Hard Candy came out with pastel cremes. 

What do you think? Do you feel comfortable rocking a blue nail polish?

Zoya nail polish typically retails for $8.00 and can be purchased on their Web site, ULTA, and various beauty salons. "Nail lacquers by Zoya are free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) - chemicals that are known to cause cancer and birth defects."--source

*I purchased this product with my own money and I am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned in this post.*


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