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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Urban Decay Online Sale

Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are incredibly popular, and for good reason. Creamy, waterproof, and an amazing selection of shades. Right now, the 'vintage' shades (not part of their new lineup) are on sale for $9.50 on; that's 50% off! 
*I am not affiliated with nor compensated by Urban Decay. I purchased their products with my own money.*

The vintage shades on sale are: Graffiti, Covet, Flipside, Deviant, 1999, Ransom, Gunmetal, Lucky, Eldorado, Crash, Binge, and Lust. (Shown below in that order.) I do not see any expiration date on this sale, so I'm guessing that it is while supplies last. Based on past sales of this nature, I'm sure that the price will go down further, but so will the shade selection. I chose Flipside and 1999. I almost bought Covet and Lucky, but controlled myself. (Ransom is not as smooth application-wise as the others, by the way, but the color is great.)

They have several other products on sale as well. What caught my attention is that their Deluxe Eyeshadows (discontinued) are down to only $4.00! They started at $18.00. I have one in the shade Graffiti and I love it, so I also bought Freakshow. I was able to narrow that down because I already have the Deluxe Shadow Box, which includes most of the other available shades plus some that have been long out of stock as individuals. That reminds me: the Deluxe Shadow Box, which I posted about here, is currently on sale for only $10.00.

Bonus: Free shipping when you buy $35.00 or more of products, valid until 06/25/13. (It is usually $50.00.) Their site says that this is for their Loyal Customers. It is unclear to me if this means that you have to already have an account, or if it will still apply if you register for an account now. 

You can check out all of Urban Decay's current online sales here:,default,sc.html.
*I am not affiliated with nor compensated by Urban Decay. I purchased their products with my own money.*

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