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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spoiler Alert: Total Beauty Collection Mystery Box

Total Beauty Collection offers beauty sample collections, usually $10-15 for a handful of products. They recently offered a Mystery Box at $20 for 13 samples. Through a discount and a coupon code, I paid $16. Here is a photo of everything that came in my box:
*I purchased this collection with my own money and I am not affiliated with nor compensated by any of the brands or Web sites mentioned in this post.*

My initial reaction to the contents:

Honest Co. Face and Body Lotion, deluxe sample 1.0 oz tube
I've read and heard good reviews about this company. The sample is a good size. It says that the lotion is free of harsh chemicals. Nonetheless, I will probably trade this on, since I am currently stocked up on my favorite lotions.

Honest Co. Healing Balm, deluxe sample 1.0 oz tube
My closest friend has tried this and says that it is a great product, so I would like to try it. It is a good size for a sample. It is designed for sensitive skin with rashes or irritation and to prevent future occurrences.

Evolvh Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo, deluxe sample 2 fl oz bottle 
Evolvh Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner, deluxe sample 2 fl oz bottle
I have used this shampoo and conditioner before; I found them to be pretty good, but nothing spectacular. That being said, I love having an abundance of shampoo and conditioner samples around, so I am happy to received these. I like the size of these samples and that they are in bottles, not packets.

Eboost Daily Health Booster orange flavor energy drink powder, 7 packets
I am almost indifferent to these. If someone wants them on, I will include one in a trade. If nobody chooses the Eboost, I am not adverse to drinking them. I used to use Emergen-C a lot and liked it; this seems to be a similar concept.

$50 Gift Card to
I would not personally define this as a gift card, since you have to have a minimum purchase of $51, pay $9.99 shipping IF they ship to your state, and the available wines do not add up to $51. Anyhow, it is a sizable discount and may appeal to some people. Not for me.

NYX Color Lip Balm in 'Xie Xie', full size 0.14 oz tube
I have been very happy with the lip products that I have tried by NYX in the past, so I am excited about this sample. I don't really like clear lip balm, but lip balm with color is right up my alley.

Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Blush deluxe sample pots, in 'Terra Cotta' and 'Suzie's Glow'
These both look very pretty, but I do not like my blush to be loose. They will be up for trade on

NYX Roll On Shimmer in 'Platinum', full-size roller
This is also very pretty, but too similar to shadows/pigments that I have already. This will be up for trade on

Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Diamanté Cristalli Liquidi Illuminating Serum, deluxe sample (edit: dropper) bottle
This product had great reviews online, so I'm looking forward to trying it on my hair. I have not used this type of product before. My hair has been dry and dull around the lower half, so the timing is good for me.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, deluxe sample 10g tube
I am excited to try this sample. I love facial masks, especially the peel-off versions. I find it very refreshing. I have been wanting to try this particular mask since I have had good experiences with the Boscia brand in the past.

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm, full size 4g tube
As I said above, I am not into clear lip balms. Therefore, although I think this is a good sample and I generally love the Neutrogena brand, it is not for me. I need color on my face. This will be up for trade on

Q-tips Purse Pack, 30 cotton swabs
I think that most of us would consider this to be a boring sample. However, it is practical and I will definitely use it.

Overall, I am quite pleased. It was fun to expect a surprise to be delivered to me, and there are at least eight products that I will be using. Keep an eye out for my reviews of the products that I am keeping.

*I purchased this collection with my own money and I am not affiliated with nor compensated by any of the brands or Web sites mentioned in this post.*

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