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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Emily de Molly Bright Young Things over Zoya Robyn

Emily de Molly is an Australian polish maker that has long since captured my heart, as you might have seen in a few previous posts. I was very happy to find Bright Young Things in a blog sale.
*All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me.*

While I'm not usually one to wear a polish the moment that I receive it (it's usually a strange, OCD, agonizing decision as to which one to wear), I put Bright Young Things on right away. 

I happened to be wearing the lovely Zoya Robyn at the time, so I just put the glitter topper Emily de Molly Bright Young Things over it. I used a quick-dry top coat of Poshe to smooth everything out, although the glitter did lie flat.

I loved this mani and wore it for a few days, which is a long time for me. It reminds me of the ocean and pretty saltwater fish. Next time, however, I will probably choose a different shade for the base so that the purple and turquoisey teal glitter can shine, too. (The purple did show up in real life, but hid from the camera. Silly purple; the camera could be friends with you if you'll let it.)

You can certainly purchase Emily de Molly polishes on Web sites like and, but you might want to do a search for polish blog sales first, or try for lower prices. The first sites that I mention seem to be good, but they sell out really fast and the price is more than I would usually pay. (It's expensive to make beauty products in Australia, I think, and I would guess it's not easy to import them, either.)

Yes, summer has put me in the mood for all sorts of brights! I will revel in the deeper colors of autumn soon, but I will enjoy the brights into September at least. I am not strict about seasonal colors, but the weather does affect the mood and the mood does affect the polish choices. September is surely part of summer in California.


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